Frequently Asked Questions for Owl and Brolly wall stickers:

Who is Owl and Brolly Wall Stickers?

Owl and Brolly is the name for all my illustrated wall stickers (that’s me, Sue Hutchings).  I’m not a huge manufacturer, but have the machinery to produce all my own wall stickers and pay great attention to detail for you.

From watercolours to digital illustrations, all are created by me from the first sketch, right through to printing the stickers and sending them out to you. 

All the wall stickers here have a watercolour ‘look’ to them, with the occasional exception of a flat coloured illustration.
This helps give the feel that they are painted onto your walls.

Why ‘Owl and Brolly’ ?

I’m an artist living and working in the UK. I also LOVE owls. I wanted an owl to be part of what I do, and the ‘brolly’ is a nod to the British word ‘umbrella’

I’m passionate about supporting British companies too… (not to mention food banks and homeless folk…. but that is just me and what calls to me)

Does that mean you do custom illustrations?

It can be possible to add extras to a set, yes. (because I don’t rely on stock images that don’t match) but …there is an extra wait to the normal processing times for this. I can also set up a new set containing a mix of this you can currently see on the website, so do email me if this is something you need.

I’m not able to create brand new full sets at this time, but do add new ones that have been previously requested as time allows me to create them.

I also use the word ‘custom’ on my listings for example the map, where you can choose to have a pet featured on your map to make it extra special 

You don’t have the right colour for my room, can you print some that are?

Indeed I can! It is not possible for me to show you every colour option I can do for you. All of the wall stickers I have that are a watercolour ‘effect’ graphic drawing (this excludes the mice, hill top woodland sets, that are actually painted illustrations) can be colour co-ordinated to suit your room, and can come close to other colours you might have. Feel free to email me for more info on this. Normally no charge for this as it will be an added item on the website afterwards.

How do your wall stickers work ?

The top quality fabric wall sticker used here at Owl and Brolly uses a lower tack adhesive that removes from the wall BUT it also re-sticks again.
This means while you are placing them on the wall, you can carefully take them off if they are not positioned quite right and put them back on again. Many stickers online are often a single use sticker, or they come with a clear film to help you put them up, but this means you can’t reuse them again.

Small seasonal wall stickers can easily last for two years worth of use if not more, if you make sure they go back on the backing cleanly (no dust in any way) If they do get dusty with multiple uses they will slowly start to not stick.

They arrive to you mostly in a tube (for bigger sets) made up of sheets of individual stickers, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, all placed on a sheet to give you the most for your money.
These are not ‘mural style’ wall paper effect stickers that you unroll a single long sheet and place on a wall in big long strips.
You get to choose where in the room each part of a set goes, so it can work around your furniture needs.

The small to post sets are envelope sized so if ordered on their own will arrive in a flat envelope.

Can they overlap?

Ideally you should use the stickers placed singularly on the walls as when you do come to remove them they may stick together. This though is fine for short term items

Can I use these on other surfaces?

You can use these wall stickers on inside glass or smooth clean surfaces (so not brick work of very heavily textured surfaces)
Do note that some furniture is made up of a paper coated surface. Stickers may tear this on removal if stuck on this type of surface.

Are they shiny like plastic vinyl?

No, my wall stickers are printed onto a top quality matt woven sticker base, so they don’t have a clear surround to each sticker either. Each sticker is cut to the outline of the shape.

I have had stickers fall off my walls before, is there a way I can get a tester of yours before I buy, so I can try?

Yes you can! In fact, I send out a couple of small business card sized samples at not cost in the UK to you to try before you buy so you can have the reassurance that they stick to your walls or peel off and restock, before you buy.

No gimmick or save money if you go on to get more. It is a service I’m passionate about due to the low quality nature of other stickers you can get cheaper on the market.

How do I place an order?

Navigate the website using the category selector, or the search bar at the bottom of the website to find your item or theme, and add it to your shopping basket. You can then check out from there, using PayPal or credit cards.

How quickly will I receive them (processing times)?

Due to being an artisan wall sticker maker/printer, the turn around of the stickers can be up to 10 working days till they are in the post. 

This allows me to set up the print files, print, cure, weed and prepare them, and then send them out. Occasionally the main wall sticker printing machine can choose to throw a hissy fit and might need some mechanical TLC, which is included in this timescale. This also includes any days I may need to help with having Endometriosis.

What do you mean by ‘weeding’?

Weeding is the process of manually removing the sticker in-between the main stickers, so that when you receive them, they are easy to peel and stick straight away.

Some makers leave this on, which then makes it harder to take off your stickers, but also it means I can quality control each sticker before they are carefully packed and sent out to you.

How do I apply them?

Before you start, snap a photo of the stickers on the backing paper should you ever move and need to put them back on the sheets again.

Most of the stickers are small enough that you curve the backing paper away from the sticker and peel them off one at a time, to stick to your wall.

Some large stickers are best applied with two people or directly from the backing paper that you peel back after a small portion of the sticker is on the wall. All of this is covered in the instructions sent with the bigger sets.

Can I move your stickers to a different wall/room?

Yes you can! many people redecorate or buy new furniture which changes the room layout. You can either carefully peel back a sticker from the wall and relocate it (bigger ones better with two people) OR you can put it back on your stored away backing to allow you to repaint/move and put them back up again.

DO try to take a photo of the backing paper before you even use the stickers if you might do this, as it helps you place them back on the backing. I can supply a photo of this to you if you need one.

What paint works best with your stickers?

I’ve tried my stickers on many paints. The best surface is a standard emulsion paint. They are however not suited to a chalk based paint (can be called low VOC) as the chalk absorbs the adhesive and can leave a residue on removal. 

Only use these stickers on clean sound paintwork. This means the back of the sticker won’t get dusty which compromises the adhesive working, or to cause damage to your walls on removal.

I’m just decorating the room, how soon can I use the stickers on freshly painted walls?

The fabric manufacture suggests to leave paint to cure for at least 3 weeks before applying your stickers to it.

Can I use these on ceilings?

You can use the small ones but as long as it is not on old paint that will pull away from the plaster.

I’m moving house but I didn’t keep the backing, can you help?

If you have not been able to repack your backing and instructions and need new ones to move house with, I can send you new backing sheets out to you for a cost. Alternatively, budget stationers on the high street will sell clear book cover vinyl that you can strip off the backing so that you can use that. (Not that I advocate waste but it might be more cost friendly to you) IF you can use the clear film as part of an art project with the littles so it isn’t wasted then happy days.

Do you send outside the UK?

Due to complicated EU regulations I no longer send to the EU. Other countries are possible on request via email, but please note to check all import customs charges and taxes you will be charged on top of the cost of the wall stickers.

I want a set of stickers that has well known images used by big popular companies, can you do these too?

Due to copyright and trademarks, I am not able to sell anything owned by anyone else, this includes Disney, WB, Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, etc. Sorry.
I illustrate all of my own here x

I have a problem with my stickers.

Should you have ANY problems, PLEASE get in touch with me at sue@owlandbrolly.com and I will help you through your purchase.

I’ve not received a reply from you?

DO always check your spam email box, for either a purchase conformation, delivery notice or a reply of email. Many end up in a junk mail box so you might not see them.